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Requirements to vote:

  • 18 years old on or by Election Day.

  • US citizen.

  • Resident of Hawaii.

How do I register?

  • In the state of Hawaii, you can register to vote online, via mail, in person, or at the polls on Election Day.

  • To register online, visit You must provide a HI driver’s license or state ID, and your Social Security Number.

    • The deadline to register online is 30 days prior to an election by 4:30 PM.

  • To register via mail, fill out this form:

    • Your form must be postmarked 30 days before Election Day.

  • To register in person, find applications available at the Office of Elections, Clerk’s Offices, State Libraries, U.S. Post Offices, most state offices, and satellite city halls. 

  • You can also register in person at your polling location on Election Day.

  • You do not have to designate a party affiliation in order to vote in any election.

  • If you miss the registration deadlines, late registration is available at Early Walk-in Voting locations in your county during:

    • Primary: July 27-August 6, 2020

    • General: October 20-October 31, 2020

Can I pre-register?

  • You can pre-register if you are 16 years old and will be 18 by Election Day.

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