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Requirements to vote:

  • 18 years old on or by the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November.

  • US citizen.

  • Resident of Nebraska.

  • Not be convicted of a felony. If you have been, at least two years must have passed since the completion of your sentence including any parole term.

  • Not be found mentally incompetent by a court.

  • You can vote even if you have not been registered if you moved to Nebraska after the registration deadline. To do this, you must contact your local county clerk’s office.

How do I register? 

  • In the state of Nebraska, you can register to vote online, via mail, in person, or at the polls on Election Day.

  • To register online, you must complete this form at http://NEReg2Vote

  • To register via mail, you should print and mail this form to your county clerk or election commissioner. You can find the form at: If you are registering to vote for the first time, you must provide a copy of a valid photo ID. You can find your county clerk’s office at

    • You can also get the application from banks, post offices, and libraries.

    • You can also deliver the registration in person to your county clerk or election commissioner.

    • The deadline to register via mail is the 3rd Friday before Election Day.

  • To register in person, you must go to a local county clerk or election commissioner’s office. 

    • The deadline to register in person is 6 PM on the 2nd Friday before Election Day.

  • You can also register in person at the polls on Election Day.

  • You do not have to designate a party affiliation in order to vote. However, if you want to vote in the primary election, you must designate an affiliation. If you do not, you will automatically receive a nonpartisan ballot.

  • If you legally change your name, move to a new address, or want to change your party affiliation, you must update your voter information. You can do so online at

Can I pre-register?

  • Nebraska does not have any specific policy listed on pre-registration; you should contact your local county clerk’s office for more information.

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