Interview With Vaishalini: Her Musical Inspirations, Her New Single "Watch Your Step," and More!

Vaishalini is an up-and-coming South Asian musical artist and songwriter who has recently debuted her single “Watch Your Step.” Even within her first year making music, Vaishalini has made waves, reaching 15k streams this year alone. Recently, one of AYCE’s board members, Nina Ulaganathan, spoke to Vaishalini for a phone interview to discuss her song, along with her ambitions for the musical industry.

Below is the unedited transcript of the interview. Consent has been provided by both parties.

Nina: When did you start getting interested in making music?

Vaishalini: So, I’ve been kind of surrounded by music for my whole life. I do take Indian Classical Music lessons and I’ve grown up with music generally. My dad would play jazz constantly in the house, and like Amy Winehouse, and we’d also listen to soft rock. I got into musical theater in high school, and because I’ve been learning music for so long it just felt like the next step was to make music of my own.

Nina: Yeah for sure! You know, you were talking about the different genres of music you enjoy listening to, in the future, or, honestly even now, who is an artist that would be your dream collab?

Vaishalini: It would be really cool if I could collaborate with an artist like Victoria Monét, or The Weeknd. They all have very special sounds.

Nina: I could totally see that, they for sure fit the vibe of your music!

Vaishalini: Yeah! They’re definitely some of my favorite R&B artists that I listen to, s