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Requirements to vote:

How do I register?

  • In the state of South Dakota, you can register to vote via mail or in person. You cannot register to vote online.

  • To register via mail, fill out this form at send it to your county auditor. You can find the form at: You can find your county auditor’s address at:

    • Your form must be received (not postmarked) 15 days before Election Day.

  • To register in person, you can go to any of the following locations:

    • County auditor's office

    • DMV when receiving or updating your license

    • City Finance Office

    • Public assistance agencies providing food stamps, TANF or WIC

    • Department of Human Services offices which provide assistance to the disabled

    • Military recruitment offices

    • The deadline to register in person is 15 days before Election Day.

  • You do not have to register with a party in order to vote in a general election. However, for primary elections, South Dakota allows parties to decide who can vote in their primary election. 

    • The South Dakota Constitution Primary is closed to only registered Constitution party voters. The South Dakota Democratic Primary is open to registered Democrats and Independents/No Party Affiliation voters, but not Republicans. The South Dakota Libertarian Primary is closed to only registered Libertarians. The South Dakota Republican Primary is closed to only registered Republicans.

    • If you do choose to register with a party, you will only receive that party’s ballot.

  • If you legally change your name, move to a new address, or want to change your party affiliation, you should submit a new voter registration via mail or in person.

Can I pre-register?

  • No.

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