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With an increasingly volatile political climate, it becomes essential for marginalized minority groups to be vocal about the issues that impact their communities. Unfortunately, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are still widely ignored in these social, economic, and political discussions. As a result, Asian voter turnout is the lowest among all races, with less than half of eligible voters showing up to the polls. We seek to change this statistic by offering a multi-dimensional insight on the lives of AAPI citizens, inspiring youth voices to push their stories to the frontlines of the conversation. Through journalism, art, and hands-on engagement, our goal is to uplift the voices of Asian American communities all around the nation by shining a spotlight on their unique experiences. By cultivating a movement where AAPI identity is recognized and celebrated, we highlight the importance of allowing us to be a part of the political discussion. Ultimately, our mission strives to capture the essence of AAPI identity, increase political engagement, and inspire activism within Asian American youth, creating a future where every voice is amplified.

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